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How to Write an Analytical Essay

analytical essay

Define analytical essay

Analytical essays give expounded data and information about a topic. The main quality presented by analytical essays is the writing of highly detailed material about a said topic. Thinking of data that is regarded as too much in other forms of essays is greatly welcomed when writing an analytical essay.

Importance of writing analytical essays

Writing this form of essay is mainly for the provision of substantive material that will be beneficial to the reader. In the case of colleges and high schools, analytical essays are written by students to improve the skills of essay writing and brainstorming. Readers of the said essays get information about specific topics that the reader would prefer to gather knowledge on.

The main characteristic of an analytical essay

Analytical essays are detailed and contain a high level of information. The data may be written in complex formats because of the high level of specificity. Descriptive essays come close in characteristic to analytical essays but the analysis character is what differentiates them. Unlike descriptive essays, analytical essays are based on data that is researched and has academic background while descriptive essays can be based on fiction or the writer’s view. Logic is another character that you should ensure is present in your analytical essay.

Steps to Writing an analytical essay

When you are writing an analytical essay, you should consider putting forth the question, ‘What is an analytical essay?’ By understanding all the specific goals that you should achieve then you will be able to write an awesome analytical essay. The steps below will make it easier for you to write an analytical essay.

  1. Most essays are based on thesis statements. Analytical essays require you to choose a point of view and back it using highly detailed material. The information should be concrete enough and logical to provide comprehension from the reader. The topic in conversation should be slim to have specificity. Having broad topics will not allow you to go into details easily.
  2. Engage in heavy research to ensure that you acquire enough data to write about in your paper. The data you research should be related to the topic to stay on topic. Reviewing the information and data you have collected should be an important aspect of the research step. You should keep in mind that you have to document every single source of information that you acquire in the research. A citation will enable your reader to have access to the source of your data.
  3. After acquiring all the information needed to write your paper, the next step will be creating an outline. An outline assists writers to be able to place the information in the required sections of the essay. The outline enables you to organize your work. The reader gets to know the different places where specific material is, like the essay thesis statement being the last sentence of the introduction.
  4. After creating an outline, the next step is writing. In the writing section, you should write your first draft. The first draft is meant to provide you with a sample of how the final product will look. Do not be worried too much about how it results as it is not the final piece and it will undergo revision.
  5. Revise the first draft to do corrections and add information where you deem that the data is not enough. Plan points that you saw had fallen out of order. During revision ensure that you consider other samples of analytical essays to see how the information is placed in the sample essays. Thinning is also done when writing analytical essays as sometimes lecturers place word counts.
  6. Write your final piece. Through the revised material, you can write your final piece that will be submitted. You should proofread what you have written to do grammar corrections. Ask for an extra pair of eyes, this ensures that you get an opinion on what you have written about. In case you lack a person to assist you, read the written document allowed.

Analytical essay outline

Like other essays, analytical essays have an analytical essay format that is appreciated universally and is composed of introduction, body, and conclusion segments.

Analytical essay introduction

The introduction is more of a welcome to the contents of the paper. The introduction has the intention to capture the attention of the reader. The main content of the introduction is the hook, background information, and thesis statement.

  1. The hook is a means of capturing the attention of the reader. The statement is meant to bring out the intriguing aspect of the reader on the said topic. The hook can have comedic attributes but has to be factual as analytical essays are data-based.
  2. The thesis statement is another constituent of analytical essays. The thesis statement is what details what is going to be supported in the body of the essay. The data present in the body is based on the thesis statement and provides a perspective of observance that is based on how the statement is written. Writing an analytical essay thesis statement provides the reader with a clue about what will be in the discussion.

Analytical essay body

The body is an extensive section of the essay. It contains material that is meant to be in support of the essay thesis. Points are placed in an organized manner in the body section. The paragraphs are categorized in the format of one paragraph containing one point. Each paragraph must have the following broken-down information.

  1. Presence of a topic sentence that is usually an expression of the point concerning the thesis statement in a supportive manner. The statement is more of an introduction to the point being expressed in the paragraph. Ensure that every paragraph has a topic sentence to ensure you write a top-notch paper.
  2. The topic statement is to be backed by supportive material that is placed after the topic sentence. The researched information should be placed here. The information and data are more evidence that is meant to be supporting your thesis statement.
  3. Give an account of the connection between the given evidence and why it is backing the thesis statement. The section connects the first section and the second section of the paragraph to the thesis statement. It can be expressed in different forms, in other cases it is placed as a quote.
  4. The last section is the transition mode. Each paragraph should have connectivity to the following. This ensures that the piece of work has flow.

Analytical essay conclusion

The conclusion is a wind-up of the paper. In this section, you should reiterate the justification of the thesis statement with your points. Talk about the main points in the essay. The minute summary of the essay should not be detailed but just offer an overview of what was discussed in the paper. You should also suggest sources that your readers should visit if they need more information on the said topic. Ensure you are writing an effective analytical essay summary.

Tips on how to write an analytical essay

  1. The first thing is to question the intent you have in a justifiable manner. The goal is to know what you intend to prove.
  2. Avoid expatiating. You should not add information that is not necessary or does not relate to the paper to elongate your paper. Each statement you have in your essay should be direct and have content that is additive to support your claim that involves validating your thesis statement.
  3. You should not copy and paste other writers’ data directly. Though the lecturer knows that the information written in the paper is based on data that is gathered from other writers. It should not appear as if you did nothing but paste the information.
  4. Make your essay interesting to ensure that it is captivating. Use topics that are captivating and humorous and use illustrations to create an image for the reader. Avoid using day-to-day language.

Analytical essay topics

When choosing the best analytical essay topics you should consider doing the following;

  1. You should talk to different people with varying characteristics
  2. Observe the environment and culture in your surroundings
  3. Do research that would entail using social media as a source
  4. Check history
  5. Consider your hobbies

Below are examples of analytical essay topics

  1. How to get rid of phone addiction?
  2. Why are people racial?
  3. Why do people go to church?
  4. Why are parents overprotective?

To wind up

The above paper is meant to improve and teach you how to write an analytical essay. In case you get issues during the writing of your analytical essay, you should visit us. Here you will get assistance in the writing of your analytical essay. Analytical essay examples are present to help you get a clear-cut idea of what is expected of you. You should follow the above information to deliver a top-notch analytical essay. We will also write you a stellar admission college essay that will convince  the admissions board of your target school why they must enroll you.

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