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An Action Plan Proposal

An Action Plan Proposal

An Overview of the Business Problem

 While moving data from one system is expected to be a smooth endeavor, there is a scenario where various problems arise. An organization is more likely to experience several issues, such as incorrectly formatted data, a lack of integration of processes, and data availability in an unorganized state. Inadequate data protection can cause substantial data loss during the transfer process. The oncology facility has encountered issues transitioning from working in Excel to using a data warehouse. The issues encountered have created delays during the implementation of several new clients impacting the facility’s profitability and efficiency. The facility should design and implement an effective strategy for correcting the problem identified herein before fully adopting business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing.

A Project Strategy for Correcting the Problem

 A comprehensive action plan proposal highlighting the appropriate process for correcting is needed to ensure that the organization’s profitability and efficiency are not affected negatively. First, the oncology facility should consider conducting a comprehensive analysis of the current system to unearth issues that might impact the transfer process. The process should entail an assessment of the current Excel spreadsheets to identify the limitations that might impact the transition to a data warehouse negatively. Excel is normally associated with various limitations, as articulated by Tanavalee, Luksanapruksa, and Singhatanadgige (2016). Such limitations might include human error, lack of security, limited capabilities, and a lack of support for collaboration. Secondly, the facility should examine the requirements of the data warehouse, including the level of security, frequency of updates, and types of data.

The third approach for solving the inherent problem is identifying an appropriate business intelligence tool that aligns with the data warehouse. Various BI tools, such as built-in artificial intelligence (AI), BI dashboards, Datapine, and SAS Business Intelligence, can be used in this case scenario. Saabith, Vinothraj, and Fareez (2022) noted that Domo, Dundas BI, TIBCO Spotfire, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Microsoft Power BI, MicroStrategy, and Sesense are some of the BI tools commonly used by organizations. Fourth, the oncology facility should develop a feasible data migration plan articulating how the data will be moved from Excel Spreadsheet to the data warehouse. The plan should include identifying the data to be migrated, establishing the process for data mapping, and a timeline to execute the same effectively. Finally, the employees and another relevant stakeholders should be subjected to intense training on the basics of the selected BI tool and its usability within the organization.

The Probable Outcome Expected

 The oncology facility should expect several outcomes after implementing the action plan proposal identified above, including:

Improved accuracy: The accuracy facilitated by the data warehouse is bound to improve due to a substantial reduction in errors and other limitations associated with manual data entry, tabulation, and calculation.

Increased productivity of the employees: The facility can expect to experience an increase in efficiency and staff productivity after training them on the new BI tool and data warehousing.

Enhanced profitability: Implementing the proposal will act as a mitigation for the issues experienced transferring from the use of one system to another. The organization will be able to implement several new clients courtesy of the newly adopted BI and data warehouse solution. The resultant effects of such an approach include high revenue and enhanced profitability.


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The oncology facility has been tasked with implementing several new clients but has encountered issues while transferring from one system to another. Understanding business intelligence (BI) is important for transitioning from working in Excel to using a data warehouse.

An Action Plan Proposal

An Action Plan Proposal

Write an action plan proposal that indicates a business problem and outlines the following:

  • A project strategy for correcting the problem
  • The probable outcome expected

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