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American Industrial Revolution

American Industrial Revolution

Unsafe and oppressive work conditions.

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During the American Industrial Revolution, factory workers faced poor working conditions, long hours, and employment instability (Hudson, 2014). Children were also subjected to such conditions, especially those who worked in the cotton fields. Apart from diseases, these workers encountered many accidents on the job, and many ended up injured or dead. To deal with this issue, labor unions put a stop to these conditions and demanded fairer treatment and more pay (Hudson, 2014). Protests and strikes were organized, but it did not work since many immigrants were willing to work as long as they got paid, and the labor union effect was lessened. The government should have enacted minimum wage laws and minimum working hours for employers. An example of poor working conditions in the U.S. today is hazardous air conditions, where workers come out with respiratory issues after inhaling the contaminated air all day.

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Hudson, P. (2014). The industrial revolution. Bloomsbury Publishing.


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American Industrial Revolution

America’s Industrial Revolution transformed all sectors of the economy and changed society. In the text (Chapter 17, p. 310-317), some business practices of the late 1800s and early 1900s are described. There are pros and cons to these developments. On the one hand, they streamlined costs and made goods and new products available to many more consumers. But, there were also consequences—some unintended.

Choose one of these two new problems introduced by the American Industrial Revolution.

American Industrial Revolution

American Industrial Revolution

  1. The development of monopolies instead of a competitive business market.
  2. Unsafe and oppressive work conditions.

Then, in a full paragraph

  • Identify your chosen problem. Discuss a specific example from that period that clearly illustrates the chosen issue and its negative consequence of it. What did the government do about this—and what should it have done? Identify a similar problem or example that exists in the USA today. Identify the source(s) where you read about the issue.

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