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Aligning Team Goals with Company Goals at Walmart

Aligning Team Goals with Company Goals at Walmart

I have, at one point, interacted with an effective team member in one team that I was also a member of. From the effective team members, we can draw various characteristics. An effective team is accountable, meaning they take responsibility for all functions. An effective team member has a high level of commitment. Such members ensure they arrive on time and work passionately for the group’s success. Finally, effective team members communicate effectively with their colleagues without any collisions. The identified characteristics of effective team members contribute to group success by making it easier to lead the group. Do you need help with your assignment?

On the contrary, an underperforming team member will have opposite characteristics to those of an effective team member. I’ve encountered an ineffective team member with characteristics such as ineffective communication with the team leader and other team members. Ineffective team members will find it challenging to collaborate with others and will not embrace teamwork while undertaking their duties (Mathieu et al., 2019). Unfortunately, these characteristics impact the team negatively because they delay the achievement of goals and make it difficult for team leaders to attain seamless functionality in the group.

A team leader can ensure all team members work effectively by clearly defining roles. Essentially, this will ensure there is no collision while undertaking various responsibilities. Additionally, the team leader should establish performance standards for team members, ensuring each member contributes effectively to the team (Appelbaum et al., 2020). Finally, the team leader should provide effective communication channels across the group.

To achieve short- and long-term corporate goals, managers use various methods to ensure their teams are kept on track. First, managers ensure each team has a clear set of goals that they work towards achieving. Second, managers ensure groups are monitored through periodic reviews to assess their performance. Finally, managers ensure that teams are well-funded with all resources to work effectively.


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Leaders are responsible for setting goals for the teams they lead, goals that align with the organization’s overall strategy. They are also responsible for ensuring that their teams function smoothly, operate collaboratively, solve problems efficiently, make effective decisions, and achieve objectives. Teams that perform well in these areas fit the definition of high-performing teams.

Aligning Team Goals with Company Goals at Walmart

Aligning Team Goals with Company Goals at Walmart


Review course content, conduct outside research on the attributes of high-performing teams, and reflect on your personal experience participating in or leading a team at Walmart. Include answers to the following in your reflection:

Think of an effective team member and describe their key characteristics. How do these positively impact the team?

Think of an underperforming team member and describe their key characteristics. How do these negatively impact the team?

How could a team leader address overall team effectiveness to ensure the team reaches its goals?

How do managers ensure their teams stay on track to meet both short- and long-term corporate goals?

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