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Advocacy Against Menthol Cigarettes

Advocacy Against Menthol Cigarettes

Advocacy Against Menthol Cigarettes

Through the project, I learned that the black population is at risk of getting more addicted to smoking due to the promotion of menthol cigarettes. The FDA’s involvement in this advocacy process is intended to prohibit the promotion of this product, especially to children who are likely to grow addicted to menthol cigarettes. The involved organization, the National Black Nurses Association, did not provide a comprehensive SWOT analysis or other environmental scans. This environmental scan should reveal the effects that the product has on the main stakeholders. This enhances understanding of the entire advocacy process and the reasons behind it.

The key stakeholders include the manufacturing company, healthcare providers, learning institutions, families, and health regulatory agencies. The manufacturing company will provide the menthol cigarettes for sale at a profit. The healthcare providers will deal with tobacco addicts after they have participated in substance abuse for a significant period. The families and learning institutions will be involved in the active sensitization of children against the product.

The main advocacy group is using email campaigns to create sensitization regarding the product and its harm. It is also lobbying legislators to seek their support in the prohibition of the product. In addition, protests are also expected to feature in the process. The non-legislative strategies include partnering with agencies, website creation, toll-free numbers for individuals who desire to quit smoking, public education through multimedia campaigns, and the use of cessation programs. The policy change is in its preliminary phase. The stakeholders hope that the FDA will act accordingly and ban the product due to its possible positive aspects. The likelihood of such a result is high due to the lives that would be saved by banning cigarettes (Cadham et al.r, 2020).


Cadham, C. J., Sanchez-Romero, L. M., & Fleischer, N. L. (2020). The actual and anticipated effects of a menthol cigarette ban: a scoping review. BMC Public Health, 20(1055).


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One person from each assigned group will post the group signature assignment for his/her group as an attachment here to allow for sharing and discussion with classmates.

Advocacy Against Menthol Cigarettes

Advocacy Against Menthol Cigarettes

Discussion Prompt

Critique key points you have learned about policy and nursing leadership as a result of your project.
Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references
Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years as needed.
-Brief description of the policy challenge the team has chosen and the nursing association that was identified.
-Describe the “Agenda” for the identified policy challenge. Include how the policy issue was identified. (Did the organization complete a review of the literature, an environmental scan and/or a SWOT analysis, etc.?)
-Brief description of key stakeholders (those who will be affected and those who can effect change), i.e., interest groups, opposition groups/individuals or coalitions.
-List the different strategies that the organization plans to or has already used to inform/lobby legislators, i.e., e-mail campaign, in-person visit, testimony, protest, etc.
-List and describe any non-legislative strategies that were used or planned to be used to support the initiative.
-Describe where this policy challenge is in the legislative process and its implications for the future.

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