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Acute Care Hospitals-Texas Vista Medical Center

Acute Care Hospitals-Texas Vista Medical Center

Texas Vista Medical Center is a 325-bed hospital in San Antonio, Texas. The acute care hospital has served the southwest San Antonio community for 40 years. It offers critical care services, including specialized urgent care. The facility’s mission and values are to provide accessible quality medical and health care services designed to meet the community’s health care needs. Its mission is also to enhance the quality of life of the community. The Texas Vista Medical Center has received various awards and recognitions, including the Stroke Performance Achievement Award, the National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification, the Stroke GOLD PLUS with Honor Roll Achievement Award Hospital, and the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite (“Texas Vista Medical Center | A Steward Hospital | San Antonio TX”, n.d.). The hospital is a for-profit stand-alone facility. Texas Vista Medical Center offers numerous clinical and client services, including;

  • Emergency care,
  • Cardiology,
  • Orthopedics,
  • Maternity services,
  • Behavioral health,
  • Neurosurgery,
  • Ophthalmology gynecology,
  • Intensive care services,
  • Diabetes care,
  • Stroke services,
  • Rehabilitation services,
  • And primary care services, among other healthcare services (“Texas Vista Medical Center | A Steward Hospital | San Antonio TX,” n.d.).

These services target all the residents of San Antonio’s south side. The Metabolic Bariatric Surgery, Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP), College of American Pathologists (CAP) A, the American College of Cardiology (ACC), DNV GL Healthcare, the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), and the Texas Department of State Health Services accredit services provided by the hospital.

The acute care hospital is well-equipped, with doctors specialized and experienced in the facility’s various care disciplines and services. The hospital has 241 doctors, including radiologists, nephrologists, anesthesiologists, emergency physicians, and doctor interns (“Texas Vista Medical Center – San Antonio, TX – Read Reviews”, 2022). It also has skilled nurses, nurses, sing assistants, and other administrative and acute care hospital support staff.


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Review the healthcare settings in your reading (such as hospitals, community health centers, etc.) for this discussion and select one. Once selected, research the internet to identify a facility that represents your healthcare delivery chosen setting. Review their website and determine the following:

Acute Care Hospitals-Texas Vista Medical Center

Acute Care Hospitals-Texas Vista Medical Center

Location and size
Mission and values
Accreditation and awards
How long they have been serving their target population
Whether they are part of a system or a single institution
Are they for-profit or not-for-profit
The target populations they serve
The clinical and client services they provide
The type of staff who work in the setting
Contributions to the community

In a two to three-paragraph discussion post, identify critical aspects of the selected healthcare setting, how their mission and values compare with the services they provide and their target populations, the type of staff who work there, any special or unique aspects of the healthcare setting, and your impression of the healthcare setting after reviewing their website. You don’t need to identify the name of the healthcare setting, just the type.

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