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Academic Journal Article Summary on Discrimination

Academic Journal Article Summary on Discrimination

Key Learnings from the Discussion Section

From the discussion section, I learned that prejudice considerably influenced the psychosocial well-being of African American (AA) and Caribbean Black (CB) teenagers. The lack of a positive association between discrimination and a coping strategy known as JHAC (likely referring to “John Henryism” Active Coping) was unexpected, suggesting that youth may use this strategy more in response to race-specific discrimination or over time as discrimination recurs (Saleem et al., 2022). Furthermore, discrimination had a more significant detrimental impact on CB adolescents’ psychological well-being, probably due to variations in how CB and AA households express messages regarding discrimination or racial identity.

Limitations the Authors Pointed Out

In this section of the discussion, the writers noted various shortcomings. First, they emphasized that the study relied heavily on self-report measures, which could lead to response bias. Second, the study focused on general discrimination, recognizing the need for future research to investigate the impacts of race-specific discrimination. Finally, the debate stressed the importance of additional research to understand better the unique racial socialization process within Caribbean Black households, implying that the current study may not capture all essential aspects influencing psychosocial well-being.

Suggested Future Research Studies

The authors proposed various future research directions. They suggested looking into the consequences of race-specific and general discrimination and how JHAC’s coping strategy evolves in response to prejudice over time. They also emphasized the significance of more studies to understand better the distinctive racial socialization process within Caribbean Black households and to identify new determinants influencing psychological well-being in this environment.

Words/Jargon/Theories Difficult to Understand?

No specific phrases, jargon, or theories referenced in the provided text were difficult to comprehend. The article focuses on themes such as discrimination, psychosocial well-being, coping mechanisms, and racial socialization, which are relatively simple terminology in the context of social and psychological research.


Saleem, F., Lambert, S., & Rose, T. (2022). APA PsycNet.


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Academic Journal Article Summary on Discrimination

Academic Journal Article Summary on Discrimination

Open the attached file (PDF). It is an example of the kind of article you will need to find next week for the Academic Journal Article Summary. If you are not familiar with these kinds of articles, they can seem intimidating. But, they’re not so bad. Let’s suppose I wanted to do my final research paper on the “Correlation between Discrimination and Psychosocial Development” or “Discrimination Leads to Unhealthy Psychological Development.” this would be a good article to use as a source.
For this assignment, you’re just going to focus on one part of the article so you begin to feel more comfortable with it. Go to p. 152 and read the “Discussion” section all the way to the end (right before “References” begins). When you are new to these kinds of articles, it is always best to read the Discussion section first (well, first after you’ve read the abstract, which is the short paragraph overview on the very first page) because the discussion is usually written in more of a layperson’s voice.
So, go to p. 152, read the Discussion section, and then answer the following questions:
What did you learn from the discussion section?
What limitations did the authors point out here?
Were any future research studies suggested, and if so, what were they?
Were there any words/jargon/theories that were difficult for you to understand? If so, what were they?
Please write your responses on an MS Word document and upload the document here.

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