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A wealth of Knowledge on how to work with and Respect Families within the Classroom

A wealth of Knowledge on how to work with and Respect Families within the Classroom

Parental involvement is an important aspect that could facilitate the acquisition of knowledge in learners. However, effective communication is essential to enhance understanding and partnerships for this relationship to work. When teachers engage parents in their children’s school life, they are more likely to gather important information that could enhance meeting the education needs of respective students (Machado et al. 346). Additionally, when there is a positive relationship between teachers’ parents and students, the child is likely to show increased motivation, improved behavior, and regular school attendance. The aspects that I found interesting in the chapter include:

Motivation: Partnerships between teachers, parents, and students lead to increased motivation. Students tend to have a positive attitude toward learning when there is a respectful relationship through parent involvement in their child’s life. This, in return, reflects back to their school achievement.

Parental involvement leads to teacher benefits. When parents are free to interact with teachers, the teacher is more likely to have a positive attitude toward a learner. This results in teachers’ improved focus on school work. Additionally, by frequently contacting the parent, teachers get to understand how the home environment could likely influence a student’s performance (Machado et al. 349). This information could be applied to tailor instruction to meet the learner’s needs.

Two-way communication: Respectful parent-teacher relationships depend on good two-way communication. According to Chapter 9, when parents and teachers share more information, communication could help students improve their studies. Opportunities for two-way communication include arenas such as parent conferences. As a result, they get to share ideas that could impact a student’s life.

Parents are essential resources because they interact with students outside the school environment. Through these interactions, they tend to understand their children’s strengths and weaknesses. Parents could share important information about what they witness regarding their children’s feelings, thoughts, and expectations about education.

Conclusively, this chapter aims to create awareness of the importance of the student-teacher-parent relationship in boosting school performance.

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Read Chapter 9: Student Teachers and Families

A wealth of Knowledge on how to work with and Respect Families within the Classroom

A wealth of Knowledge on how to work with and Respect Families within the Classroom

Chapter 9 presents a wealth of knowledge on how to work with and respect families within your classroom. Choose 4 ideas that you found particularly helpful from the chapter and describe each one in at least a paragraph (8-10 sentences); be sure to number your responses.
Student Teaching: Early Childhood Practicum Guide, Cengage

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