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A Reflection on the “Gone From My Sight” Text

A Reflection on the “Gone From My Sight” Text

“Gone from My Sight” by Barbara Karnes is a profoundly moving and insightful text that delves into the emotional and spiritual aspects of end-of-life care. As a nursing student, I found this book to be both thought-provoking and illuminating, offering valuable lessons that will greatly inform and enhance my future nursing practice. The central theme of the book revolves around the dying process, providing a sensitive and compassionate perspective on what individuals experience as they approach the end of their lives. Karnes’ vivid descriptions and empathetic storytelling allow the reader to glimpse the final stages of life through the eyes of the dying, which is a perspective often overlooked in medical training (Karnes, 2005). This insight is invaluable in nursing, encouraging nurses to approach end-of-life care with greater understanding and empathy.

Karnes describes the dying process as a journey, emphasizing the importance of being present and attentive to the needs and emotions of the dying person. She highlights the significance of touch, communication, and emotional support in providing comfort and solace to those in their final moments (Karnes, 2005). These insights are particularly relevant to nursing practice, as we are frequently called upon to provide physical and emotional care to patients and their families. Understanding the importance of presence and compassion in these situations is crucial to delivering quality care.

One of the key takeaways from the text is the concept of “the two worlds” that the dying often straddle. Karnes explains that individuals who are dying may begin to transition between this world and the next, experiencing visions and communicating with loved ones who have passed away. This phenomenon can be challenging for healthcare professionals, but Karnes encourages us to respect and honor these experiences as they bring comfort and meaning to the dying person (Karnes, 2005). In my future nursing practice, I will carry this understanding with me. I recognize that, in caring for terminally ill patients, I must be prepared to navigate a complex emotional landscape filled with fear, grief, and even moments of transcendent connection. This text has taught me the importance of being open to these experiences and how they can offer solace and closure to patients and their families.

“Gone from My Sight” also emphasizes the need for clear and honest communication with patients and their loved ones. Karnes advocates for discussing the realities of death and dying, as well as the potential signs and symptoms of approaching death (Karnes, 2005). This openness allows for better preparation and understanding, helping patients and their families to make informed decisions about their care. As a nursing student, I understand the significance of effective communication in building trust and ensuring that patients receive the care and support they need. Karnes’ insights serve as a reminder that, even in the face of death, transparency and compassion are vital components of nursing practice.


Karnes, B. (2005). Gone from my sight: The dying experience. Barbara Karnes Books.


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Gone From My Sight

Gone From My Sight

In 350 words, reflect on the “Gone from My Sight” text. See Rubric

A student uses personal insight when reflecting on the “Gone From My Sight” text. The student is able to articulate how this text will apply to their nursing practice. 350 words Minimum.

Students will respond to one peer and reflect on a mutual or personal understanding of death, grief, and loss. Students are able to identify how experiencing loss can contribute to the loss they will experience during a nursing profession. 75-word minimum

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