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A letter to Leonardo da Vinci

A letter to Leonardo da Vinci

Undoubtedly, the works of art that you have made over the years have had a lasting impact on the world of art. You created innovative compositions, considered the psyche of humans to illustrate their character, and experimented with ways of representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface. The masterpieces that have your footprints often depict tender and complex representations of human nature. The experiments in your field significantly had an impact on the way your successors painted. In essence, your works of art became the standard.

Besides, some of your greatest works that have withstood the test of time and remain unopposed for years to come, such as the Mona Lisa painting, are paintings that portray your work to the appreciative audience that has often been tried for centuries to understand your ways. Still, it is imperative to note that Mona Lisa, which is arguably the world’s most famous painting, is one painted very skillfully and has employed a specific way of painting that has riveted your successors globally as they try to emulate your paintings and even tried copying some of your greatest works.

Also, while it is true that the Mona Lisa is your greatest work, the simplicity in the painting is what makes it even more complex. It simply belies your talent for realism. By so saying, the softly modeled face of the subject conspicuously portrays your sfumato skills that show your technique in using subtle gradations of shadow and light to model the form rather than line.

With this knowledge in mind, it suffices to maintain that looking at the Mona Lisa; one can see the effort you took to show the perplexing expression of the sitter, which inadvertently adds to the realism of this painting. However, may I ask, what did you intend to do with the small smile playing at the corner of her lips? Is it a genuine smile or one that is uppity and filled with mockery? If you could answer this question, I would be most gratified.


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Write a letter to either Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, or Pablo Picasso and discuss his signature work(s).

A letter to Leonardo da Vinci

A letter to Leonardo da Vinci

Describe what you feel and think about this work. Ask any questions about this author’s intent.

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