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A Christian Perspective on Mission and Vision

A Christian Perspective on Mission and Vision

Apple Inc.’s mission and vision statement review

Apple Inc.’s mission statement is to bring the best user experience to its customers using innovative software, hardware, and services. Notably, this mission statement depicts the company’s willingness to do well to others in society regarding the products and services offered. The company operates in more than 150 countries worldwide, indicating the vast number of people affected by the company in various ways. The mission statement considers the ever-changing business environment, which frequently changes the possibilities of what the company can do (Tien, 2019). In line with this mission statement, the company releases official reports and press addresses that constantly remind people of the company’s intention toward its customers.

On the other hand, Apple Inc.’s vision statement states, “We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products, and that is not changing.” Notably, this mission establishes the reason for the company’s existence, which is noted to be the production of great products. Further, the vision statement assures everyone worldwide that the company will remain committed throughout its life to making great products. The vision statements indicate the company’s intention to leave the world a better place than it was found through emphasis directed toward sustainable products, reducing the ecological impact of the business, and environmental conservation.

Elements in mission and vision statements that reflect a commitment to social good

The mission statement reflects Apple Inc.’s commitment to social good through making great products. Further, the mission statement indicates a commitment to social good through improved user experience. Essentially, the company’s products play an essential role in making life easier for people who use them. The product improves people’s lives by informing them about what is happening around them, processing their work, and assisting them in communicating (Etzioni, 2018). However, suppose the experience with the products is not good. In that case, the company’s mission will have been violated, and it could be argued that it is not contributing to social good. However, the company has managed to live up to its mission statement in ensuring a great user experience for customers who use its software, hardware, and services, all of which contribute to social good.

Regarding the vision statement, the company postulates its reason for existence to be making the world a better place than we found it. Notably, this is a good social ambition pursued by the company. When the world becomes a better place, people living in it live a better life. For instance, the company contributes to environmental protection efforts and ensures all its processes are sustainable. As a result, people live in a less polluted environment and enjoy healthier lives, which is a social good.

Relationship between Apple Inc.’s commitment to greater social good and Christian Worldview

The Christian worldview borrows ideas from the biblical perspective to shape their ideas and beliefs regarding the world. A Christian worldview will seek to promote events, learning, education, culture, and interactions that align with the teachings of the Bible. According to Lewis Hall & Hill (2019), a Christian worldview entails believing in the existence of God and that He is the standard to measure everything that takes place in the world. Doing good is one of the teachings that are embraced in the Biblical worldview. Essentially, this creates a meeting point between Apple Inc.’s vision and mission statements and Christian worldview. The company commits to making the world a better place, consistent with the Christian view that God created human beings and offered the responsibility to take care of the world and make it a better place.

A Christian worldview is not only related to philosophical and religious concepts. Still, it is also grounded on universal principles concerned with nature, humanity, politics, economy, art, technology, science, society, and other aspects of life. Apple Inc.’s commitment to social good is based on these notable universal principles of a Christian worldview. For instance, the commitment by the company to make life easier for others through its products and protection of the natural environment indicates a connection with the Christian worldview of contributing to the greater social good.

Are the company’s practices consistent with a Christian worldview?

Apple Inc.’s practices are, to a great extent, consistent with the Christian worldview. One way through which this consistency can be seen is through the commitment by the company in its mission and vision statements to undertake what is good for a better society. Another way to show Christian worldview consistency in the company is through its corporate social responsibility (Azim & Nahar, 2020). The company undertakes various activities that promote the well-being of individuals living in the world. They include supporting local communities and maintaining high workplace human and labor rights standards. The Christian worldview promotes ensuring others are not affected negatively by undertaken activities. Finally, the company protects the natural environment by ensuring sustainable water and energy consumption, which is consistent with the Christian worldview regarding the human responsibility of caring for the world.


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A Christian Perspective on Mission and Vision

A Christian Perspective on Mission and Vision

Assessment Description

In 750 words, create an analysis of how a Christian worldview could impact your company’s (Apple) Mission and Vision statements and its business practices. Include the following:
1. Review the company’s (Apple) Mission and Vision statements.
2. Describe elements of your company’s Mission and Vision statements that reflect the organization’s commitment to the greater social good
3. Explain how the company’s commitment to the greater social good relates to elements of a Christian worldview.
4. Are the company’s practices consistent with a Christian worldview? Explain.
Be sure to cite three to five relevant and credible sources in support of your content. Use only sources found at the GCU Library or those provided in the topic Resources.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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