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A Case Study- Identifying a Problem in Patient Care

A Case Study- Identifying a Problem in Patient Care

I recently encountered a nursing situation during my clinical practice experience. The situation involved an elderly patient, Mr. M. A. Mr. M. A. came to the hospital with edema of the feet and blurred vision. He was later diagnosed with hypertension and has since been treated and is stable. However, he is anxious about his new diagnosis and the medications he is to take. On assessing him, he appears confused and apprehensive about the several medications prescribed. His concerns were the possible side effects, the time of taking medication, and the importance of continuing the treatment plan. Also, he reported that he has been receiving contradicting information from friends, the internet, and other healthcare providers. In this situation, effective communication and patient-centered care are important.

As a nurse, I noted the importance of addressing Mr. M. A.’s concerns and providing him with accurate, clear, and patient-centered health education about his diagnosis and the medication provided. While creating a therapeutic relationship with Mr. M. A., I actively listened to his concerns and acknowledged his feelings of confusion and anxiety. Active listening established rapport and trust with Mr. M. A. Additionally, using simple explanations about each medication, its side effects, and its purpose will ensure that the client will understand the information (Bhattad & Pacifico, 2022). Moreover, creating a medication schedule for the patient with distinct instructions and dosages will reinforce understanding of the information. Lastly, I would encourage Mr. M. A. to ask questions and clarify what he needs.


Bhattad, P. B., & Pacifico, L. (2022). Empowering patients: Promoting patient education and health literacy. Cureus.


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For this assignment, you will identify and describe a Nursing Situation in which a problem is identified. The issue introduced will be one that you believe matters to and makes a difference for our patients. A nursing situation is an exchange between the nurse and the nurse (patient) where coming to know each other occurs. Describe only one specific situation with a patient – this can be from your clinical practice, simulation experiences, or personal situations. They must be nursing-care-related and patient-centerednot medical or organizational problems.

A Case Study- Identifying a Problem in Patient Care

A Case Study- Identifying a Problem in Patient Care

Then, describe the nursing call (problem) in the last few sentences of your nursing situation. You will write a double-spaced paper no longer than one page in APA format. A title page and reference page (if the citation is used) are required.

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