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Kindergarten Reading LP

Kindergarten Reading LP

Subjects (s) & Topic(s) Covered Main Subject and Topic(s): Reading



Grade/Level Kindergarten
Standard(s) RL.K.2 With prompting and support, retell familiar stories, including key details.

RL.K.4 Ask and answer questions about unknown words in a text.

RL.K.10 Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding.

RI.K.1 With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

Objective(s) TSW retell familiar stories using key details with 80% accuracy.

TSW will be able to recognize the beginning, middle, and end of the story or reading.

TSW will be able to read aloud with 30% fluency.

TSW will be able to ask and respond to questions.

TSW will be able to connect the information and events of the story to their experiences (INTASC 2).

TSW will be able to identify simple vocabulary from the reading.




Assessment/Rubrics Informal Assessment: check the list of questions to see if students remember what TT read to them.

The teacher will provide copies of a short story and then ask one student to read the story aloud (INTASC 6). As they read, the students will note the words read incorrectly. The students who read out more than four words incorrectly will need remediation, and those who read less than four words incorrectly will be average learners.

Collaboration Whole group
Time Allotment 30 minutes










Teacher Materials: 

  • IReady Reading Instruction book. (1)
  • Check List with Questions about the story (1)
  • Chrysanthemum book (1)
  • Ink Pen (1)
  • Promethean Board (1)
  • Vocabulary chart (1)
  • copies of a short story  (1 for the teacher)
  • Checklist for remediation (1 for every student)


Student Materials:

  • Pencil (1 per student)
  • Blank Copy Paper (2 per student)
  • copy of the short story (1 per student)


Resources Teacher I Ready Reading Manual
Introduction/Anticipatory Set (_5__ minutes) TTW displays the book Chrysanthemum. TTW asks the students what they think the story will be about. TSW responded to the teacher’s question. TTW asks what the characters are. TSW respond.
Procedures (__20__ minutes) I DO

TTW read the book Chrysanthemum. TTW asks the students to name some of the vocabulary words they heard while reading the book. The students will respond as the teacher writes on the board. The teacher will then attach the vocabulary chart to the board and show the learners other vocabulary words that were in the story that they did not name. TTW then asks questions throughout the reading of the book. TTW asks the following questions and allows students time to respond: What characters did we read about in the story? Which character has a special name? Which other character has a special name? Which Characters make Chrysanthemum feel bad about her name?


The teacher will then pair learners into groups of two and give everyone a copy of the short story and a blank copy paper (INTASC 2). TTW instructs the learners to read aloud to their partners as they write on the blank copy paper the words their partners read out incorrectly. Once all the learners had read and their partners had written all the words, they would have read incorrectly. The teacher will ask one of the learners to come in front of the class and read the short story aloud. TTW asks the students to clap for the student.


TTW asks the students to draw a picture of the characters from the story. TSW drew a picture of the characters.



Closure (_5___ minutes) The teacher will ask the learners, “Did you enjoy today’s lesson?” TSW answers, “yes we did.” The teacher will then ask the learners different questions, such as, “Why does Victoria think Chrysanthemum’s name is strange?”. TSW respond. TTW asks how “Mrs. Twinkle helps Chrysanthemum feel better.” The teacher will wait for students to respond. The teacher will then tell the students that their homework is to answer questions 1-3 using the short story copy they were given to read in pairs.
Differentiation: Remediation and Enrichment Remediation:  TTW does a picture walkthrough of the book, pointing out some of the key details of the story. TSW responds by echoing the teacher. TTW also uses a checklist to mark the words that the students read incorrectly and correctly for every student, then uses the “I do again” strategy to teach the learners who read more than four words incorrectly.


Enrichment: TTW asks the students to draw a picture of what happens when Chrysanthemum goes to school. TSW uses their blank copy paper to draw.


We’ll write everything from scratch


In this task, you will once more revise a preexisting lesson plan. Reflect on the lesson plan assessment chart and the lesson plan rubric as you craft your new plan.

Collaborative work is an option, and if you opt for a group approach, make sure to include the names of your group members in the document.

Kindergarten Reading LP

Kindergarten Reading LP

Use the lesson plan rubric to pinpoint TIAI standards while evaluating your lesson plan (LP). Incorporate a minimum of 3-5 TIAI standards into your lesson plans.

You will submit both the updated lesson plan and the rubric with your scores.

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