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Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessment

Analyze the community health needs assessment in the case study by doing the following:

Discuss major risk factors identified in the assessment

Health needs assessment is concerned with the identification of existing health issues and diseases. It is, however, also concerned with the prevention of ill health by means of handling the factors influencing health problems in the local society. The population that is aging has led to an increase in the demand for oncological services. The facilities that are capable of dealing with and treating cancer have been stressed over the years. This means that the facilities are not able to offer a hundred percent efficient help when it comes to their functioning. Families, communities, and individuals have the opportunities, resources, and strengths to promote and protect the health of the community (Akintobi et al., 2018). Laying emphasis on the negative factors can lead to undermining the confidence of the people as well as their self-esteem. This creates a danger in that the local assets could be displaced if they are not considered when carrying out health services planning.

A community has a variety of resources, which may include health carers who are friends and family, resources such as food, shops, money, and transport, as well as the ability to deal with difficult situations. Social support skills and knowledge of health promotion are additional resources that the community has. Suicide cases have been on the rise in the recent future, hence the need to deal with them in the best way possible. It is worth noting that the cases are fewer for persons who regularly attend religious services and who have created a greater bond with the family. The family bond is, therefore a community issue that should be taken with a lot of seriousness when it comes to community health assessment. It can be identified as a risk factor in the healthcare assessment platform.

Stressors and physical conditions are other major risks that are to be considered in the assessment. These might include a history of depression in the family or lineage as well as drug abuse. Abuse of drugs has been on the rise in recent years, especially among teenagers. This practice has seen most of the teens getting involved in dangerous practices such as crime, and suicidal thoughts have been seen creeping in. It is, therefore, a risk factor in the health and survival of the upcoming lineage (Allen et al., 2018). It is important that during the assessment, there be set up a platform that will help bring the practice to a halt, if not to an end. Physical illnesses and local suicide epidemics are the other set of risk factors that the assessment ought to put into focus. Physically ill persons are seen to get involved in acts that are not friendly and have, at some point, led to the death of innocent individuals. Suicide epidemics have hit society largely, and there is a need to curb this practice by creating public awareness of the need for a peaceful society that is amicable for the survival of every person.

Discuss whether the healthcare facility in the case study is addressing the needs identified in the assessment.

The facility has been able to achieve the target of addressing the issues in the case study as it comes with various advantages and is equipped with various ways to deal with the issues at hand. The facility describes the patterns of the disease in the population of the local society along with the differences from different zones. It also incorporates the national patterns of the disease. The facility is equipped with the priorities and needs of the patients of the local population. With the knowledge of the needs of the population, there will be easy monitoring of the ways and means that can be used to curb the disease outbreak in question. The other ability of the developed facility is the highlighting of the unattained needs and giving a clear line of objectives that are to be worked towards in order to attain these needs and objectives.

The other achievement that has led to the acceptance of the facility is the idea that it rationally decides the ways in which the resources are to be used in order to improve the health of the local population. It will also analyze the diverse ways that are fed into it and determine the most effective and efficient method to apply (Ceasar et al., 2019). The facility additionally influences policy, research, and collaboration with other corporations in the aid of research and development. Also, the method monitors and promotes equity in the usage and provision of health care services. It also addresses the inequalities that exist in health. Assessing health needs rather than reacting to demands of the health provides a widely recognized importance. The facility offers a chance to receive and arrange feedback received from the physicians and staff. It also monitors and tracks the assessment of changes and rates of prevalence. The results are communicated to the implementation team and staff. It provides a closed communication loop, which is accomplished by having an implementation team on the ground that is going to cover the risks that are involved in the business.

Develop a health planning summary outlining recommendations on how to resolve any outstanding community health needs.

The communities have an obligation to base the improvement of health on a wide definition of health and an all-inclusive model of how health comes about in the community. The model should draw evidence from the health sciences and social behaviors. This model will give a potential platform for bringing together creative thinking about possible interventions and inventions that are aimed toward proper community health. The multifactorial nature of the model also clarifies the need for analysis to come up with what individuals can contribute and hence be held accountable for their actions. The model will also specify where collaborative action and shared responsibility are essential and needed.

Community Health Improvement Process (CHIP) ought to come up with its specific performance measures that link accountable entities to specified activities. This will lead to the production of the desired health outcomes in the locality (Prinja et al., 2018). This will create a multidimensional look at the health of the local population, hence leading to desirable results. This is courtesy of the definition of working as per the committee. In order to create a motivation for participating in the process of improving health, the measures that are selected are balanced in relation to the contributions and interests of the community. This will include those whose primary objective is not health-related. Since stakeholder levels of performance are unique in most instances, the committee will be devoted to applying its energy to developing the community. Individual communities will need to go beyond the set measures to come up with specific managed care organizations and, specifically, large managers.


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Give an example of a program at “Adventist healthcare white oak medical center” that was planned to meet the needs of the population they serve.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Needs Assessment

Share the organization’s evaluation of effectiveness (if data is available). Provide three scientific citations in APA

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